Our Impact

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Bootstrap’s activities create impact through a range of organisations and in many different areas. Trying to pull all the different work areas together to tell a coherent story has been a considerable job.

In 2014 we began working with local social enterprise LKMco, which specialises in social impact reporting. LKMco helped us to produce an audit of our social impact so far, and helped us to define the Bootstrap Mission that you see at the start of this report. In 2015 we will continue working with LKMco to measure our social impact in more detail, and evaluate our success.

Bootstrap’s vision is of a society where everyone enjoys life and work, and contributes to a thriving community. We aim to make the community connected, supportive and enjoyable, as well as socially enterprising.

We will achieve this in four ways.

1. Develop and manage spaces for enterprise and culture.

2. Provide support for socially enterprising tenants so that they can grow into sustainable businesses that contribute to the community.

3. Use our network to deliver training that increases people’s skills and access to fulfilling employment.

4. Deliver enjoyable events that build connections and trust.

Bootstrap hopes that as a result of interacting with us, people will:

• understand what Bootstrap stands for and what it does to serve the wider community

• have opportunities to connect with and support other people from across the community

• be inspired and supported to have a social impact in their personal and professional life

• feel more prepared, confident, and ready for employment.