Back in the early days of Bootstrap the phrase ‘unlocking local potential’ was often used to describe the work the organisation does. This sentiment still runs through everything we do, nearly 40 years on.

By leveraging the building and the businesses based here we are in a unique position to be able to offer innovative training programmes focused on young people (18-30) from across East London.


Enterprise Bootcamp is our flagship training programme, equipping young entrepreneurs with the tools, networks, support and skills to start up their own enterprises. The project is unique in the way it enables participants to gain and develop three key assets to business success under one roof:

  • Skills, competency and confidence through a ten week accredited enterprise training programme.
  • Practical experience through work-based learning with local tenant mentors who run award winning businesses, offering real-world business theory put into practice.
  • Connections, networks and partners including potential funders.

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Bootcamp Live is an eight week accredited event management course leading young people on a journey that encompasses event production, enterprise, promotion, marketing, social media and finance that culminates in the participants producing their own show at prestigious London rooftop venue Dalston Roof Park. It is a programme the arms young people with employable skills, creative industry opportunities, access to networks and hopefully, jobs!

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