2017 Alumni


Photo by Edith Whitehead

Bea / States of Mind
States of Mind will provide a mental health education programme for young people in schools and communities across London. It will use a psychosocial approach to understanding mental health problems, delivered in a non-clinical but scientifically informed way.


Photo by Edith Whitehead

Ingrid / Bey Digital

Bey Digital is a Digital Marketing agency that offers affordable marketing services to start-ups and SMEs. The main aim is to make sure smaller companies have a good online presence. Services include but are not limited to Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and Web Development. It also offers individual and group training sessions.


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Henry / Knight Regent

Menswear fashion brand and social enterprise that makes clothes ethically; 5% of every sale (revenue not profit) go towards 5 different charities, with the customer deciding which worthwhile cause their money will go towards.


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Poppy / Cognitive

Cognitive is an app designed to empower time-pressured adults to better understand and control different aspects of their wellbeing. It paints a picture of their life by syncing and collating any data that the user may already be tracking via different apps or devices. It aggregates this data to produce a holistic, easy-to-understand overview of the user’s lifestyle in relation to their mental and physical experiences. In this way, it will maintain an automated track of how that user’s behaviour, experiences and emotions interact. People with mental health disorders are often advised to keep logs like this, but doing it manually requires time, effort and motivation. With its automated process and insights, Cognitive users can quickly learn how to make tiny adjustments to effortlessly optimise their lives.


Photo by Edith Whitehead

Jelisa / Nubia Hair and Beaute

Nubia Hair and Beaute empowers young people through a 10 week wig making course that allows students to create wigs and offers them career, education and entrepreneurship advice.


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Maria / mind2toe

Mind2toe is a personal trainer programme that integrates fitness, mindfulness and alternative therapies to help people overcome boundaries and feel good about themselves.


Edith / Skew

Skew is more than an agency. It is a company, a collaboration and a community that brokers opportunities between small organizations and talented self-starters.


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Nate / Play Nice

Play Nice is an experiential agency that helps businesses to understand their audiences and their customers. It focuses on retail, digital and social experiences and works primarily with brands from Hackney.


Photo by Edith Whitehead

Kreszend / Kreszend

Kreszend is a British clothing brand. All garmets are handmade in the UK and made to order. Check their Instagram account @kreszend.


Hannah / Half an Egg

Half an egg is a new British luxury swimwear brand embodying traditional knitting techniques passed down from the founders’ grandmother. The knitting is the backbone to the brand and translated into original prints focusing on scale on colour, resulting in a new direction in beachwear. Check their Instagram account @haeswimwear.