2018 Spring Alumni


Camille and Inès | Ricochet

Ricochet aims to provide a physical network with a dual role; to support and empower artists in and around Hackney, and to showcase local arts to the broader community.


Raven | Alchemist Soap

Alchemist Soap is a cruely-free 100% plant based vegan soap brand that connects you and your body to nature.


Jordan and Abir| VIBE City

VIBE CITY aims to show young people they can actively pursue a career in music through providing them with a creative platform to showcase their work, guiding and assisting them with their marketing plans, branding, industry knowledge, connections and, of course, music production.


Muhiba | Sense of Adventure

In summary, the business will focus on the design of fully accessible outdoor adventure games for individuals with sensory impairments.


Eberé | Black Noise

Black Noise is an online platform which aims to promote and showcase all of the different creative, activist and community projects that happen in the African Diaspora, reaching out later to other countries in Latin America and Africa, through giving voice to the people.



Maatin | Political Youth

The Political Youth is a new social enterprise with the aim to teach the youth about politics and to re-enfranchise them to vote. We aim to do this through an online social platform which breaks down the political politics process and politics workshops on schools.


Arianna | Point Counter Point (PCP)

“Point counter point” (PCP) it’s a production company of filmmakers and critical thinkers that holds in its name the aim to produce a counterpoint to the world’s ideologies and make film flourish to its potential as an educative tool to empower young minds”




Sharifa | RIFFA

RIFFA is all about being colourful, stylish and bringing out your personality. Hand drawn digitally printed Bonnets and Scarves. In the current market in the UK and Europe, ethnic people are restricted to only one option of bonnet. Introducing a multi-functional day and night scarf-bonnet, the product cares to both genders’ freedom in expressing who they are; bringing confidence and happiness, it is also beneficial towards people going through chemotherapy or experiencing alopecia.


Vanessa | Inside Out UK

Inside Out UK aims to provide psychoeducation (mental health education) through all things creative, using events, theatre productions and workshops to promote mental health and positive well being. The use of creativity as means of communicating an important message is effective because creativity and arts are universal; therefore, merging creativity with psychoeducational is necessary.


Nadia | Bertha

Bertha is fair-trade, sustainable and Eco-friendly clothing label made in harmony with nature. Bertha aims to produce all items from natural fabrics which are not only beneficial for the environment but also for the wearer, giving them the natural vibration which Bertha believes is very crucial since it has direct contact with the skin – the biggest organ in the body.


Lamide | Lambsworld

Lambsworld is an overpopoulated alien planet where lambs live and there is an evil organisation called the Shepherd turning them into sheep. You can help saving them by taking them homee in the form of sculptures, key rings and post cards – every product glows in the dark and is uniquely handmade!


Olivia | Coo

Coo is a cafe and shop that employs young creatives and gives them the opportunity to not only earn the money they need but also to flex their skills and pursue their passions whilst at the dreaded day job.


Zoe | Paint a Child’s Life

Paint a Child’s Life is a charity that enriches the lives of young people through the simplest of actions, painting, refurbishing and redecorating a child’s room.