2018 Spring Alumni


Rowan | Sew Nude

Sew Nude is a stylish and comfortable cushions brand that aims to incorporate its own prints and locally sourced materials as well as provide community textiles workshops for everyone.


Tevon | ANANSE

ANANSE is a digital media platform which aims to provide a space for young people of color to engage in a variety of informative conversations and displays surrounding politics, culture, history, science, art etc.


Tasmin | Team Trackr

Team Trackr will provide universities with tools to manage their student clubs. It will also provide the students with tools to help them run and manage their clubs. It aims to encourage participation in sport and other extracurricular activities.


Ranae | RKART

RKART aims to continue helping upcoming businesses and musicians with small budgets, by creating an identity through design. It supports those in need, and possibly build a platform that helps young people in the community find their path within the industry.


Michelle | Hunger911

Hunger911 is a fun, cost effective meal kit. Making meal times easier, convenient and full of flavour. With easy to follow recipes and pre measured high quality fresh ingredients, to make delicious healthy meal delivered to your door the same day.


Margot | Secret Sunrise

Secret Sunrise organizes morning guided dance sessions in outdoor locations. The mission is to bring people a different way to start their day, feeling energized and good in their bodies, connected to each other, and benefiting from the enormous range of mental health benefits of dancing! That way they can leave into their day feeling alive, happy and hopefully pumped to spread the good energy with others! 


Leanne | Self-Taught182

Self-Taught182 is intended to be an internet based, learning platform. Its purpose is to challenge both traditional and alternative schooling techniques. It aims to utilise methods of instruction based around student autonomy and initiative. The goal is to nurture each student’s natural, intellectual curiosity; regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation or socioeconomic standing. 


Laura | The EV App

The EV App aims to encourage more people to use electric vehicles by making them simpler to charge, use and understand.


Karima| Keep Tlking

A mental health initiative for young black men under 30 in the UK. Keep Tlking wants to put back the A (stands for the neglected “Afro-Caribbean society”) back into the current mental health discussions and policy making agenda. They aim to challenge cultural misconceptions surrounding black male mental health through a range of workshops, debate events and youtube videos. They will provide a set a policy recommendations for government by creating a policy document based on their grassroots research. They will be doing their work through community work with young people, parents, schools, businesses and other institutions to improve awareness of mental health amongst young black men.  


Kaede | BabycakesbyKd

Established in 2016, BabycakesbyKd is currently a business idea to handmade luxury nappy cakes with our own branded items and unique branding and packaging. 


Fiona | theMOVEMENT

theMOVEMENT is a social enterprise that uses physical exercise as a tool to empower vulnerable women in London.


Falguni | New Heights

Falguni wants to start off an online platform that aims to bring individuals together to share information, support each other and raise the visibility of underrepresented groups within travel media and marketing. The role of the network is to break down barriers amongst minorities and encourage creative and entrepreneurial individuals to build a life of travel, whether that is through brand collaborations, photography, film making, social media marketing, e-commerce, teaching and more. Individuals will also be encouraged to volunteer with local communities and travel sustainably. There will be opportunities for educational retreats where individuals can meet up with industry experts to understand how travel can open doors to new opportunities, learn valuable skills, attend insightful workshops, understand how to build a digital and/or global career and have the chance to network with like-minded individuals.


Andrew and Aidan | No1 Entertainment

No1 Entertainment is looking to pioneer the next wave of musicians as well as aiming to inspire and inform the youth on the business side of the music industry and the vast range of opportunities the creative industries have to offer.


Kiy| Quant4All

Quant4All aims to provide a free web-based education portal that makes the world of data science less intimidating, jargon-ish and more importantly, equal.