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Print House Gallery is an intimate and exciting gallery space in the heart of Dalston. Our primary focus is to showcase a mixture of emerging and established contemporary artists across a variety of artistic mediums. The ongoing aim for the gallery is to show work from a selection of artists we really believe in and want to share.

The Print House Gallery differs slightly from other galleries. Whilst we are a commercial gallery space at heart, we also exist to help the growth of social and creative enterprises. It is incredibly important to all of us involved that we find the time between major shows to support charity based organisations and education programmes.

We’re always on the look out for new artists so please get in touch.

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“In the summer of 2015 I visit a marble quarry near the village of Vagli di Sotto in Tuscany.  I quickly made friends with most of the quarry workers and the leaders of the quarry’s cooperative.  I have been going back every summer since then to continue with the documentation. Marmo, which means marble in Italian, looks at the grandiose and breath taking views of marble quarries.  The enormous, sharp edged, cross sections of the Tuscan mountains put side by side with the portraits of those who create them.  Most of my work is centred around the triptych “place, identity, scale” and not least this one. At the same time the project does not try to provide answers or points at rights and wrongs of deep mountain excavation.  I would rather think of it as food for thought,  served by visual juxtapositions, comparative scale,  and a few honest portraits of the quarry workers. Essentially, the show’s visitors will contemplate the ability of man to take from nature and to reshape natural landscape in  a massive scale. One might see the marble quarries as gigantic, impressive sculptures, while another might consider the environmental distraction, or both. “















“I paint how I feel. Not what I think, not what I see, but what I naturally feel.
I discovered abstract expressionism as an intuitive way to dig deeper into my emotions
and to be honest about how I truly feel. I love colours and I love the aesthetic of shapes
and structures. I began to paint raw emotions and through that, tell my personal story.
When I go into my studio at Stour Space in Hackney Wick, I take time to listen. I spend time to embrace my emotions and accept whatever I can catch and capture, whatever is hidden, simmering or buried in myself. Sometimes it takes me months. Some of my paintings have over 50 layers of paint before I finish and accept the final result. My artistic journey started as a kid, sketching, drawing and painting almost everything around me, often faces, sometimes bodies. At some point, however, I got tired of it and I stopped painting for almost a decade. In 2010, on a 12-month break from work, during my Masters in London, I came back to the canvas.
Without any idea about abstract expressionism, without any clue about artists like Pollock, Kline, Rothko or Krasner, I simply started dripping paint around, meditating, “de-braining”. I allowed myself to let the paint run and flow, generating little puddles of colour, sometimes imagining those were my own thoughts and reflections.
Thanks to positive encouragement from friends and artists around me I continued this journey until today, each work more abstract than the one before.I call my style Intuitive Expressionism, a careful, sensitive journey into myself, at the same time big, bold and intense, whatever my gut is telling me. This show invites you to join me in my emotional microcosm. It is a chance to get to know me, but perhaps also, get to know yourself a bit better. Take some time and see how you feel…”