Our team
Chief Executive
David is Bootstrap's CEO and he doesn't really understand the point of being on the Internet. He likes to cook and is very proud of being Welsh.
Head of Relationships
Gunther is here to make connections. He leads the Front of House team and loves to build new relationships. When he is not here, he pretends to be Jackson Pollock in his studio in Hackney Wick.
Head of Facilities
Halim is responsible for the day to day building management, H&S and contracts. He has been at Bootstrap for 7 years so has a good knowledge of the building and tenants. He became a member of NEBOSH in 2016 and enjoys spending time with his family and cycling.
Dani takes care of our front of house and first impressions. She also enjoys DJ-ing, the Harry Potter franchise and reading.
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Louise is responsible for all marketing related activites at Bootstrap, including this website. She loves photography, film and lately she has been spending a lot of her spare time exploring the universe of painting.
Facilities Manager
Seb supports Halim in the maintenance and repair of our buildings. He is fluent in three languages and you will most likely see him around the buildings, so say hello!
Facilities Assistant
Will supports Halim to help with any issues related to our buildings. He is a digital artist and he also makes and performs music. You'll most likely see him working around the buildings so say hello!
Accounts Assistant
Shopna assists with Bootstrap's finances and secretly enjoys sewing and stitching garments when she has the time. She is from Bangladesh and hopes to travel and see all the wonders of the world!
Trustee 1
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Trustee 2
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Trustee 4
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Trustee 6
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