our  values
Bootstrap was established in 1978 as a charity to support people to set up their own businesses and improve employability skills, and it has operated in Dalston since 1980. 
Over time the activities grew to include the provision of managed workspace and we are now home to more than 70 organisations, including small businesses, creative and social entrepreneurs, charities and start-ups.
Throughout 40 years of change, we remain a charity. We look to offer support to our tenants to grow into sustainable businesses and to be socially enterprising, and we empower young people by arming them with skills, knowledge, tools and a network to succeed professionally.

Bootstrap is a business-led charity that promotes responsible business. We do it in three different ways:

Good Business Practice
We promote responsible business practice: our tenants pay the London Living Wage; our tenants support people with criminal records into employment (Ban The Box campaign);  we promote diversity and inclusion through recruitment practices; we recognise, share, and celebrate the many other ways our tenants demonstrate responsible business practises.
Career Support
We help young people aged 16-24 in Hackney and East London to make informed career choices. Our tenants provide useful insights into their sector and what the industry requires (through inspiring Talks and Insight Days), they also offer placements in a broad range of industries, from 1 week to 3 months, and career mentorship for young people.
Charity Partnerships
We support our tenant charities to deliver their charitable objectives - we promote and help establish partnerships between commercial tenants and charity tenants.