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Here you can see what is on at Bootstrap Charity, from events led by our tenants in our spaces, community events at the rooftop on Wednesday evenings, workshops we offer, business and training opportunities, exhibition openings and more!

Follow this link to see all events and parties happening at Dalston Roof Park.
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What's on at the Print House Gallery:
Urban Symphony - Photos of City Life by Zohar Manor-Abel
Shot in and around 11 cities, over 15 years, this collection brings to the fore both unique and common moments of individuals around the world. Moments of self reflection, concentration, meditation, acknowledgement, excitement, and even boredom. Each photo has its own pace, movement, and energy that goes deep and plays with our senses. These moments, like a symphony, weave together aspects of tension and release, of consonance and dissonance, that make the highs and lows of our daily lives. Zohar Manor-Abel has been taking photos all his life, from the glorious days of film to the easy days of digital photography. He is a creative thinker who comes up with ideas and solutions for all kinds of digital products.