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Here you can see what is on at Bootstrap Charity, from events led by our tenants in our spaces, community events at the rooftop on Wednesday evenings, workshops we offer, business and training opportunities, exhibition openings and more!

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1:45 pm
Autumn 2019 Enterprise Bootcamp - APPLY NOW!

Autumn 2019 Enterprise Bootcamp starts on Wednesday 2nd October. The programm runs until 4th December. You can apply here until 20th September. Enterprise Bootcamp is a free 10 week business training programme to equip young entrepreneurs with the tools to startup. It is designed to be approachable in a language that focuses on developing confidence and the technical suite of skills required to start up a business.

What's on at the Print House Gallery:
Elvis Bis Bis Bis - Brian Walker
The conspiracy theories are true. Elvis is alive! The King lives on in all his various incarnations at ‘The Elvies’, an annual gathering of Elvis fans and tribute artists in Porthcawl, Wales. Every September this little seaside town brings him to life when more than 35,000 followers devoted to the King very animatedly take possession of the place. Wig wearing crowds full of shiny sunglasses, flashy medallions and belts, fifties dresses, gold lamé jackets and full white jumpsuits spread out alongside funfair amusements, ponyrides on the beach and beachside bars that have seen better days. The festival has grown quickly since it started in 2004, and despite it being the most unlikely of stages, has now become home to one of the biggest Elvis festivals in the world. Over 100 shows are hosted over the weekend. Performers travel from all over the UK, Europe, United States and even Australia to compete in the world’s leading award shows for Elvis tribute artists at the magnificent Grand Pavilion. A real feel good crazy atmosphere is created by all the impersonators, ranging from ages 5 to 80, giving their all to resemble and pay tribute to rock’n’roll’s God. It doesn’t always work, but who cares? Because even more important than looking like Elvis is feeling like the King! There is definitely no doubt; you can feel his spirit in the air.Brian Walker is a freelance photographer from Patagonia, Argentina. After graduating in advertising, he worked as a copywriter and creative director for many years until he decided to swap his pen for a camera to tell stories. He moved to London in 2016 and has been working on commercial and documentary projects all around the UK since then. He has a passion for capturing quirky, unusual characters and is especially fascinated by and drawn to events that embrace British traditions.‍